Teqso group works actively in the following sectors:


Steel has always been considered a precious material due to the vastness of its uses, but it is only thanks to the industrial production obtained by large steelmaking units that it has been able to be exploited to its full potential. Steel and its derivative products are today used in all production sectors and thanks to the increasingly wide range of uses the steel product permeates our daily lives, making homes, workplaces and cities more modern, functional and safe. Teqso Group offers a wide range of products and services from the world of steel for the construction, infrastructure, industry, energy and industrial sectors.


The construction sector is vast and encompasses various areas: industry, agriculture, public and private sectors.

Every building or major public structure that we see is the result of a building process, that is the entire sequence of operations that are used to design, create, build and maintain a construction. The main phases of this process are: Design, Construction, Management and Maintenance; Teqso Group is actively involved in the management of these services and in the supply of all types of building materials necessary for the realization of your projects, embracing a complete vision of environmental sustainability through Green Building and Green Architecture.

Renewable energy 

Renewable energy is energy derived from natural sources that are replenished at a higher rate than consumed. Sunlight and wind, for example, are sources that are constantly replenished. Renewable energy sources are abundant and everywhere around us. Renewable energy production creates far fewer emissions than burning fossil fuels. The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is critical to tackling the climate crisis. Teqso is able to supply, design and install high quality Zero Emissions Technology including Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps and Wind Energy that will give you the opportunity to produce clean energy, save money and be an integral part of the Global energy transition by increasing well-being and positive progress.

Electric mobility

Electric mobility today is no longer a utopia but a new ecological and economical way to move, easily and without limits. Our main objective is to design and create together a new idea of “zero emission” mobility, electric mobility, sustainable and within everyone’s reach. Precisely for this reason Teqso Group is able to study and conceive solutions to guarantee zero-emission mobility through the local and national distribution, design and construction of charging stations for your electric vehicles. We work to spread sustainable mobility, offering our customers a wide range of industrial, public and private solutions. Professionalism, competence and availability are our best guarantee!