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Import/ Export

Teqso specializes in multi-industry import and export processes…

Project Management

Teqso presents itself as a well-established project management company specializing in construction, energy and agritech…

International Business Consultancy

Teso perfectly manages all your internationalization projects! We take your business to global markets with great results!


Teqso can help you in the complex world of transport! We can transport your products anywhere in the world!



Our work is carried out by a number of multilingual experts who will be at your disposal throughout the duration of your project. They will be your interlocutors and international consultants, guiding you and helping you to understand all the complicated processes of internationalization, becoming your trusted support in the commercial expansion of your company!

These specialists will be present both physically in your “operational headquarters” and in the offices of your new potential customers, thanks to continuous presence programs in the markets that interest you.

Key person, multilingual, highly qualified professional, trained in international trade and global logistics, physically present in the markets of interest, digital expert, this operator is suitable for all your technical and commercial needs. Thanks to his skills, he is able to manage your business on a global scale for a long term!

For your medium and short term commercial programs, or simply to strengthen your local market, this figure is the ideal solution. Multilingual, expert in digital commerce, specialized in the management of fairs and events, this professional can help you position yourself on the best market places and develop your online business!

Developing sales network, selecting export manager and agents for your company is the solution to increase sales. Commercial agents have the power to sell in any market. This figure will allow you to create your international sales network!

This figure specializes in programming, planning and managing the entire project management process worldwide, using the highest international technical/business skills, with focus on construction, clean energy and agritech sectors.

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