North America


The American market offers great potential, but its complexity is such that it generates significant problems for “do-it-yourself” exporting SMEs. The best way to overcome this complexity is to be supported by expert market consultants, and Teqso Int is the ideal partner to avoid all trade barriers and get you seriously into the great North American market!

The United States is one of the most important markets, which maintains excellent economic, bilateral and multilateral relations with many world economies, in many sectors, from industry to energy, manufacturing to automotive and more.

Why export to the United States?

What makes this market so interesting for international companies?

The vastness: a population of nearly 330 million, with a medium/high GDP per capita;

The stability of the political system;

The dynamic and strongly business-oriented economic context;

fast and transparent bureaucracy at the service of businesses;

The tax system is interesting from a business point of view;

Americans are particularly interested in Made in EU products, which have always been highly valued and considered synonymous with quality in all sectors, from food to design through mechanics/automation.

It is precisely in this perspective that Teqso Int provides a complete market analysis and import management service for the United States, which allows entrepreneurs to have access to a concrete and objective tool, useful in the whole process of business development!